Catrin was born in Weinheim, Germany. After finishing her studies in graphic design in Darmstadt, she worked for various advertising agencies in Germany and in the United States. In 2009 Catrin started to create digital art by combining historical paintings, curiosities and fairytalelike illustrations into surreal and sensual images that are both familiar and alien at the same time. Catrin's work is sold worldwide and has been exhibited in Europe and Asia.

"As a digital artist, I transfer public domain free photos and paintings into new art. It is an intuitive work and the ideas come while creating. I combine pieces in Photoshop and cut them again, retouch and remove, go back and forth, and while doing this a story develops. My pictures make the invisible visible, look behind masks and grant access to the realm of dreams. After living in Asia for over 7 years there is a lot of Asian influence in my work. Besides Folklore, Fantasy, Jugendstil and Surrealism, the Asian Art & Culture gives me a lot of inspiration."